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Grossing Workstation with Guillotine Glass – WS-3000 BETA Serie has installed to the Laboratory in Morocco!

WS-3000 BETA, Grossing Workstation with Guillotine Glass.

A special thanks to our Business Partners in Morocco for their collaboration! All we need to get the happiness!

Trust in Stahlmed’s Experience

Grossing Workstation WS-3000 Series with Guillotine Glass is Ready for shipment to Morocco!

Let’s design your own #GrossingWorkstation
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Grossing Workstation | WS-1000 Series, Standard Grossing Workstation Models

✧ High Quality Stainless Steel ( 316 ANSI Quality Working Place & 304 Quality Rest )
✧Photocell Controlling for frequently used operations
✧Large Accessory Opportunity
✧Exceptional Craftsmanship
✧Touch Screen Controlling Option
✧Downdraft & Backdraft Ventilation

and more.
Contact us to get more information:
www.stahlmed.com.tr | www.stahlmed.com | info@stahlmed.com | +90 216 527 62 63

Grossing Workstation with Guillotine Glass | STAHLMED Laboratory Systems

Stahlmed Laboratory Systems provides you the custom-built GrossingWorkstsation to create an effective & ergonomic working place! Contact us to get more information. | www.stahlmed.com


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External Exhaust Unit For Grossing Workstation | Stahlmed

Stahlmed Laboratory Systems! External Exhaust Unit for Grossing Workstations! 25m Flexi Hose for easy instalation will be provided! Contact friendly Stahlmed Team to get more information. | www.stahlmed.com | hashtaggrossingworkstation

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Grossing Workstation | Confidence in STAHLMED Experience

All you need in one Grossing Workstation!

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Grossing Workstation

Grossing Workstation – TIBERIUS-01


  • A special designed Grossing Workstation that meets all of the needs for Patology Labs.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Quality 1.5mm construction for working place which has effective resistance for chemicals.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Quality 1mm construction of rest
  • Large and effective working area with Perforated Grid Plates
  • Downdraft & Backdraft ventilation that keeps the user safe from inhaling chemicals during working
  • Ventilated base area
  • 3 different ventilation type availability which as;
  • -Recirculating Exhaust System
  • -External Exhaust System
  • -Remote Exhaust System
  • Rinsing system that eliminates the collection of fluids within the downdraft
  • Long-Lasting Led Lights that provides the bright working facility.
  • Halogen Lamp options which provides you to take sample photos with the warm light .
  • No touching thanks to the sensors which provide you to carry out your working in healthy & clean way !A ventilation system designed as downdraft and backdraft which has regulated with carbon filter that keeps away the Formaldehyde Fumes from the user to provide a safe and healthy working place.AND MORE!